Victoria University of Wellington – New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington is New Zealand’s Number 1 University for research quality. It may not be the biggest, but it certainly is the best according to the independent international experts who assess New Zealand universities every six years. Quality extends across all of its subject areas: postgraduate students who come to study at Victoria can be confident they will work with scholars of international standing.

There are more than 40 specialist research centres at Victoria, and each one deals with issues of international significance. Through their research activities and extensive international connections, Victoria’s researchers are part of a world-wide community of scholars and innovators who are shaping the future. Postgraduate students are full partners in that scholarly community.


Pic: Victoria University of Wellington

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD is internationally known as the highest qualification a university offers. When you’re engaged in PhD study, you’re at the forefront of new research, helping to shape a future that is only just being imagined. The PhD at Victoria may include coursework (at no cost), but coursework is not compulsory. There is scope (and funding) to undertake fieldwork abroad, or to travel to international conferences, and PhD students are encouraged to publish their research as they study. Most students finish their thesis in about three and a half years.

Masters degrees

Victoria has a wide variety of options in its Masters degrees. Some are pure research, others a mix of research and coursework, and some are purely by coursework. There are more than 60 different Masters degrees on offer—enough to ensure there’s one to suit every interest. The degrees that are predominantly by research usually take two years on top of an undergraduate degree; but the coursework options can often be completed within 12 months. These qualifications are much more focussed on specific careers, and they aim to get well-qualified graduates back into the workforce, ready to resume their careers, or to carve out new ones.

Outstanding Student Experience

Coming to Victoria is about more than just studying and preparing for a career. It’s about getting to know your mind.

Earn an internationally recognised qualification while discovering your passions, making friends for life, travelling the world and finding your direction.

Use your time at Victoria to get connected. Join one of 80 sporting, cultural, and political clubs, get mentoring or discover the communities for Māori, Pasifika and international students.

Stunning Location

Situated in New Zealand’s capital, Victoria has all the attributes of a leading capital city university, with close connections to the nation’s centres of power and commerce, the government and the diplomatic community, leading science and technology organisations, all the major national institutions, and the creative centre of the country.

Wellington’s air is pure and its water is clean. The city is vibrant and sophisticated, safe and friendly and it is the political, cultural and creative heart of New Zealand. There is no better place for postgraduate research than the Victoria University of Wellington.

For international students considering PhD study, there are some other very good reasons to choose New Zealand, including;

Great Value Fees

A special New Zealand government funding scheme allows Victoria University to offer PhD study to international students for the same fee as New Zealand PhD students. Fees vary from subject to subject.

Family Support

Your spouse/partner may receive an open work permit valid for the duration of your PhD programme.

Your dependent children are treated as domestic students and can attend New Zealand’s public primary and secondary schools. Public schools in New Zealand do not charge tuition fees.

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