Rutgers – Program in American Language Studies

The Program in American Language Studies (PALS) is an innovative English language course hosted at Rutgers in Newark, New Jersey. The program helps international students gain the language skills and cultural understanding they need to thrive at an American university or workplace.

PALS and Rutgers have been working together for more than 25 years. Students have access to campus facilities, and they enjoy a dynamic, international environment. In fact, Rutgers has been ranked as the most diverse national university in the US (according to U.S. News & World Report) since 1997.


Pic: PALS students celebrate the cherry blossoms at Rutgers.

PALS in brief

PALS is open to undergraduate and graduate students at Rutgers, but it also opens its doors to international community members who would like to hone their language skills. With that in mind, enrollment at Rutgers is not a prerequisite for participation in the program.

The program offers six sessions per year. Each lasts seven intensive weeks, with students spending 18 hours per week in class. This works out to a healthy 126 contact hours per session. PALS offers nine distinct levels of instruction, and students choose a specialization such as English for Academic Purposes or TOEFL test preparation. Courses in reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation and grammar are also on offer.


Pic: PALS computer lab.

There are several factors that set PALS apart from other English-proficiency programs. Its longstanding reputation as a leader in English language instruction has made this a desirable place to teach, and as such, all of PALS instructors are experts in their field, holding (or working toward) advanced degrees in TESOL, Applied Linguistics or EFL.

Life at Rutgers

Students enrolled in PALS enjoy access to Rutgers facilities, and this includes campus services, hundreds of clubs, basic medical services and access to a multi-million dollar gym and fitness complex. PALS also hosts special extracurricular activities for students. During your enrollment, you’ll have the opportunity to visit parks and museums in New York, join intramural sports and join holiday food parties.


Pic: Rutgers campus.

And there is a great deal more available off campus in Newark. Located just a few miles west of New York City, Rutgers is perfectly located for shopping, dining and recreational outings. However, there’s more than big-city living to enjoy here. Students can head to the Jersey Shore for sunbathing or swimming, and the South Mountain Reservation (just 15 miles off campus) is packed with opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Connect with PALS and learn more about upcoming sessions via Facebook.