Lainey Loh

A certified daydreamer, when she's not physically travelling, she's often going places in her head. Her first love is coffee & her second, wine - & she accepts bribes in either forms. She's also entirely capable of deep conversations about life & random musings just for laughs, but do excuse her if she appears AWOL mid-chat - she's just going places in her head.

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Thailand moves to limit visitors to its marine parks

ASIA’S “Land of Smiles” is really feeling the adverse effects of overtourism. And it seems to have reached a dire stage, jeopardising Thailand’s valuable marine resources.

Winter Olympics kicks off in Pyeongchang

THE Winter Olympics in PyeongChang officially opened to much fanfare on Feb 9, 2018. While the event is not as big as the Summer Olympics, South Korea has a lot...