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Joe Green is a writer based in Bristol, UK. He bought his first Mac and dial-up modem in 1992 and has worked in the tech industry since 2000. He writes for a variety of publications and specialises in networking, business process management systems and databases.

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Uber’s stalling in Asia is its own fault

WHILE it’s difficult to make statements regarding the prospects of companies with global reach, the last year has seen the US-based ride-hailing giant Uber stumbling from disaster to disaster.

Are robots the solution for helping Asia’s elderly?

JAPAN is known for the longevity of its population. But the fact of a rapidly aging population poses its own economic problems for the country, problems which may be alleviated...

What’s to be done about working people to death in Asia?

THE paltry fine levied on Japanese advertising agency Dentsu for its part in the death of employee Yukima Takahashi has highlighted the blight of overwork that affects the world, but is especially prevalent...