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Happy birthday, Mr Pot

May 19 is the anniversary of the untimely 1935 death of TE Lawrence “of Arabia”. If Lawrence were alive today, he would be a truly remarkable 120 years of age...

Internet a disgrace

A prominent bishop has hit out at a peurile and disgusting video he found on the Internet./>/>Anglican Bishop Brian Hemmingsworth said he had been researching the scriptures in his study...

Up yours, Professor

Some loser claims that the tobacco industry is funding advertising on the Internet./>/>So what if they are, Professor? In my experience, the people who control the marketing budgets of Altria/Philip...

So are the days of our lives

Try this ace game. Just use your mouse to alter the path of the falling sands to create cool patterns. No rules, just like the (three second pause) Shaadooohlaaands.