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C’mon and photobomb

First there was vogueing but look out for the latest sensation – photobombing./>/>Speaking of Madonna, isn’t she just the chameleon? It’s remarkable to look at her videos over the years...

Product of the Day

I don’t partake, myself, but I do know that the marketing department of British American Tobacco are the kinds of people you can trust. Anyhow…

Have a go, ya mugs

Having started from nothing, and now probably having a few readers, (3 second pause) The Shaaadowlands is arguably Australia’s fastest growing weblog./>/>Margo’s Maid is offering loyal readers the chance to...

Exclusive: Cate’s weight loss secrets

Well done to Cate Blanchett for showing up other Australian mothers up for being fat and lazy./>/>The Shadowlands is proud to reveal her weight loss secrets.