Emma Richards

Emma Richards is a full-time writer for Asian Correspondent. Originally from the UK, she has spent much of her life living in Southeast Asia contributing to news and travel publications. Her background is in urban development and homelessness in developing nations.

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Pressure on Malaysian ringgit as graft probes pile up

Just days after the arrest of the secretary-general of the Rural and Regional Development Ministry on graft allegations, yet another Malaysian government official has been charged with corruption.

What approach will Trump take to North Korea?

With such unambiguous threats being directed at the U.S. and its allies, it is crucial that Trump manage to find an effective method to restrain the infamously volatile North Korean...

Anti-blasphemy laws don’t work

IN light of the ongoing trial of the Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama on blasphemy charges, we are compelled to question the relevance and integrity of these laws in today’s...

Profit vs Humanity: Which side are we on?

For many, they’ve never had it so good. More money, more possessions, more food than any one person could ever feasibly need. But alongside this world of excess resides a...