Emma Richards

Emma Richards is a full-time writer for Asian Correspondent. Originally from the UK, she has spent much of her life living in Southeast Asia contributing to news and travel publications. Her background is in urban development and homelessness in developing nations.

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Forced labour persists in the Thai fishing industry

DESPITE government commitments to reform the industry, forced labour  and other rights abuses remain widespread in Thailand’s fishing fleets, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report said Tuesday.

Here are the best signs from Women’s March 2018

IN cities across the globe, women came out in force to have their voices heard on a whole raft of issues from reproductive rights, the #MeToo movement, immigration, and racial...

Slum tourism: Driver for development or poverty porn?

FOR many people the concept of slum tourism is an insulting and jarring juxtaposition. For others, it’s a tool for awareness that empowers the local community. It’s undoubtedly a sticky...