Daniel Maxwell

Daniel Maxwell

Daniel is an English literature graduate from the University of London who has been living and working in Southeast Asia since the late 1990s. His interests include; education, sustainable development, health care and human rights. Found elsewhere: www.maxwellsnotes.com

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Things are only getting worse for Burma’s Rohingya Muslims

BURMA’S Muslim minority, the Rohingya, have long been victims of systematic persecution by the military government. Their plight has become increasingly desperate over the past year as government policies, human...

Islamist hacker group attacks Thai government websites

Islamic cyber group Fallaga hacked six Thai government websites on Monday, replacing the sites’ original content with images and messages condemning the treatment of Rohingya refugees.

Tattoo ban in Thai colleges faces stiff opposition

Violence between vocational students from rival colleges has become an increasingly regular occurrence on the streets of Bangkok. Previous attempts to curb the violence, such as boot camps and the...