Daniel Maxwell

Daniel Maxwell

Daniel is an English literature graduate from the University of London who has been living and working in Southeast Asia since the late 1990s. His interests include; education, sustainable development, health care and human rights. Found elsewhere: www.maxwellsnotes.com

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Burma Elections 2015 – The ethnic minority vote

BURMA’S gradual transition away from military rule will take an important step forward on November 8 with the country’s most significant election for decades and at this historic juncture, the...

UN urged to investigate genocide in Burma

HUMAN rights organization, Fortify Rights, has urged the UN to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate claims that the decades-long persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, also known as...

Thailand cuts class time in more than 4,000 schools

FROM Monday, November 2 students at over 4,000 schools across Thailand will find their classroom study time reduced by two hours per day as part of a government initiative to...