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Pram hit by passing train in near miss in Australia

This CCTV footage released by Queensland Rail in Australia shows the potentially disastrous consequences of even a moment of inattention on railway platforms.

Thai police question Bangkok blast suspect lookalikes

As the manhunt continues for the ‘yellow shirt man’ suspected of carrying out Monday night’s deadly bombing in central Bangkok, Thai police have questioned a number of foreigners bearing a...

Court chief’s arrest exposes Cambodia’s selective justice

The former head of the Municipal Court in Phnom Penh, Ang Maltey, was arrested and charged with embezzlement at the weekend after Cambodia’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) accused him of confiscating...

VIDEO: Bystanders flee second bomb attack in Bangkok

Footage has emerged of what appears to be a second bomb attack in Bangkok. The CCTV footage above shows people fleeing an explosion at busy Sathorn Pier in central Bangkok....