Our Ad campaigns and Sponsorship packages position our clients and allow them to “Join the Conversation.” We enable leading companies to harness the explosion in social media, the blogosphere, peer production and citizen journalism. Advertising on Hybrid News sites puts our clients in front of their customers instantly and in the right context.

Asian Correspondent attracts a bold, affluent, intelligent, progressive, savvy audience of social entrepreneurs and opinion leaders. Our demographic is forward thinking and most of all, upwardly mobile.

Advertisers can market specifically in the content environment that best compliments their brand – Politics, Economics, New Media, Society and Green. Or they can advertise Region specifically as Asian Correspondent covers many countries across Asia.

Additionally, Hybrid News Ltd’s sales team can provide customized sponsorship ideas in addition to our “standard” advertising plans and rates.

For further information on partnership with Asian Correspondent and Hybrid News Ltd, please email James Craven at