Being your best means working with the best— why your company needs to be a Top Employer
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Being your best means working with the best— why your company needs to be a Top Employer

As new generations leave college or school and enter the workforce, they take with them new attitudes, new opinions that challenge the accepted norms, and a whole ethos that can shape working life in its entirety.

Most change stems from technology now being a significant element in everyday life, manifest most obviously in the smartphones in everyone’s back pockets.

The always-connected, networked workforce loves to work remotely, keep non-standard “office hours,” and can piece together a good living from two, or even three jobs, or be freelance.

In many verticals, employees’ work-life balance is a key driver of job choices, and that means that employers are now effectively competing against one another to snatch up the best employees. Unless a business can offer the type of perks, working environment, hours, and company ethos that really appeals, the best talent can quickly find better homes for their abilities.

Salaries play a role, of course, depending on where you choose to work, but getting the work-life balance spot on is what attracts the very best to the very best companies.

Demand for the best employees isn’t unique among APAC employers, of course, but as demand for particular types of skills in new areas grows (social media marketing, automation and human-centered design, for example), companies are seeking to position themselves as organizations that offer their employees “that little bit more.”

Creating great working environments isn’t just a case of having a “break-out” room with a few beanbags and a shiny coffee machine blowing steam in the corner. There’s a whole ethos that each employee seeks that suits them best of all, and that depends on the industry, the type of company or organization, where it’s positioning itself, and a host of other variables in play.

And even if the company invests heavily in the type of activities that are known to increase employee engagement and retention, how can potential employees believe the hype? After all, no employer will ever state that they run the type of business that sees high staff turnover and an unhappy workforce!


Top Employers Institute

That’s where the independent body in the form of Top Employers Institute comes in. Organizations that invest in the very best people practices are proven to have followed a framework, and the recognized accreditation is a fantastic way to differentiate one business from another.

By investing in its people, an organization not only drives positive change where change is needed and rewards excellence, but the employees themselves become the company’s best advocates— for the brand, for the organization as an employer, and as a place where people are keen to work and belong.

So how does the Top Employers Institute certification process work for employees, and what’s involved? And what are the benefits to the new employee, and the company too? Here on Asian Correspondent, we’re looking to give candidates some insights when they are looking to jump ship perhaps, or maybe start a career with a new employer.

It’s all in the process

Every organization interested in proving its excellence starts with a rigorous survey. Top Employers Institute asks all the right questions of the company, with the process comprising of ten topics, examining 600+ common practices.

Answers must be backed with detailed evidence, and all responses are subject to rigorous inspection and auditing, are then independently checked, and finally scored. Such is the efficacy of the application process that in many cases, companies discover that finding the answers to the survey, as of itself, is a process that can create significant insights, and can be a cause for rapid improvements straight away!

To qualify for being recognized as a Top Employer, the business needs the highest standard practices as an employer. But, like the artist who’s too close to their work to be objective about its worth, sometimes, starting the journey with Top Employers Institute is the breathing room companies need to take a necessary step back and re-appraise.

Top Employers Institute combines its feedback with access to insights that it’s collated thanks to its experience with over 1,500 certified employers around the globe that have achieved Top Employers Institute Certification. Its internal intelligence reports help businesses highlight where they excel, what needs to change, and how best to improve.

There are remarkably few workers in the APAC region that are willing to bid farewell to the area to move lock, stock and barrel to the West, but moving from region to region in the APAC is relatively easy — in spite of the obvious challenges of written and spoken languages, of course. Employers are therefore keen to keep their best for as long as possible, and Top Employers Institute is a way that they can prove that they and their employees are in it for the long haul.

Certification and the future

With only the best-of-the-best making the cut, certified institutions and businesses rub shoulders with companies that are literally household names, the organizations that regularly feature in the lists of the most dynamic and exciting workplaces appearing in traditional media and online.

These are the organizations that put their people at the heart of the business, where the people are the business— its credo, working environment, ambience, and morale.

Here on Asian Correspondent, we’ll look, in a further article (coming soon on December 5, 2019), about how companies are using the Top Employers Institute Certification to show they are one of the region’s best employers. That ensures they have candidates actively approaching them— and the successful job applicant benefits as well.

In the meantime, learn more about the Top Employers Institute here, and check back in a few weeks for updates.

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