My Hearts Beats for Japan
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My Hearts Beats for Japan

February 22nd 2019

Yesterday was really hard on all of us.  We spent some time reflecting with each other after visiting the memorial, which lead to us staying up a little later than we should have.  Therefore, everyone was a little tired this morning. 

We got on the bus and met up with our new friends from Hiroshima Institute of Technology and got in the same groups as yesterday.  Then we got on a ferry to travel to Miyajima island.  Personally, I do not like boats.  I am kinda a wimp when it comes to deep water, so I didn’t go to the top deck of the boat; however, many members of the choir did.  I heard that it was absolutely beautiful and I could tell that, that shift in scenery really boosted everyone’s energy.  When we got to the island, we got to visit Itsukushima shrine and just my luck it is on top of water.  Although I was slightly terrified, the shrine was so beautiful that I nearly forgot that I was scared (nearly). 

After walking through the shrine, we got some free time to do what we wanted.  My group went for a hike (honestly, I was delighted to do anything away from the water).  The hike was amazing.  We went to this beautiful park and got up the mountain; it was so stunning.  The island was such a great contrast to the memorial.  It reminded us that the world still has so many beautiful things that haven’t been destroyed by violence.  It brought up our moods and our energy levels, which made us ready for our concert tonight.

Next, we performed at Hiroshima Institute of Technology.  However, before we performed, we got to experience the coolest drum club ever.  They were AMAZING! After their amazing we performed and got the chance to get to know them.  I have attached a link to their performance so you can hear what they performed for us.  We loved spending time in Hiroshima with all our new friends.  The Japanese people have been so friendly and nice to us.  They took care of all our needs.  Japan is a great place.  Lots of structure an organization and the Japanese are able to pack lots of study in small spaces.  I really respect how detailed and hard working the Japanese people are.  The students we met are so friendly and so warm to us.  I love them so much and want to go back to Japan soon!!!

We have loved our stay in Hiroshima and it will very hold a special place in all our hearts and will forever remember to love and appreciate every human being as the person that they are.  Bye Hiroshima!! Hope to see you again soon!