Trinity takes Taiwan: Bubble Tea
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Trinity takes Taiwan: Bubble Tea

February 23rd 2019

There were a lot of mixed feelings today.  Many were sad to leave Japan, but very excited to see and experience Taiwan.  We arrived in Taiwan around 1pm and immediately started to explore. 

We started with a trip to the local mall to get lunch.  The mall was HUGE! There was a cinema on the top floor.  A CINEMA! It was insane.  So, for everyone reading, please do not be disappointed in me, but for lunch I got McDonalds.  I know it’s awful, but the food was pretty great.  I have always found it interesting to see how a chain, like McDonalds, changes and adapts to each culture around the world.  I know that’s no excuse, but…Anyways after lunch we got to explore the mall. 

My group went to the maternity store because one of our friends wanted to try on a baby bump.  Then we explored the free massage chairs, which were AMAZING! Finally, we went to the top floor where the cinema was and took some pictures with some of the characters that were up there.  We had a really good time exploring. 

Next, we went to this night market to grab dinner and explore some of the Taiwanese culture.  The shops were very close together and it was hard to go from place to place sometimes, but the experience was so cool.  We got to see baby turtles and carnival games.  We went underground where there were tons of food. 

I have only been in Taiwan for 12 hours and I am hooked.  The sights are beautiful and the people are amazing.  I cannot wait to continuing exploring and I cannot wait to see more of Taiwan and its culture. 

February 24th 2019

Today was our busiest performing day.  We had two concerts and a singing workshop today.  The concerts were not too long, which was nice, but it was a lot of standing and singing. 

All the concerts went really well; however, everyone was pretty tired afterwards.  Although it was the last thing today, I think the workshop was my favorite part.  I loved singing with people and it was tiring, but I had fun. 

Today was a pact performing day, but we did not get to see too much of Taiwan.  We won’t see too much until the last few days of travelling, but I’ve been able to meet a lot of really cool and interesting people.  I have learned so much already and I cannot wait to learn more. 

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