TWU Choir Tour Osaka – Feb 20, 2019
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TWU Choir Tour Osaka – Feb 20, 2019

Another thing that I love about Japan, is the train system.  After a great breakfast at Starbucks, we walked to the train station.  When we were there, we met up with some of the friends we made yesterday.  We were all so happy to see them and couldn’t wait to go about the day with them again.  I spent a lot of the time talking to the students and getting to know their culture.  It was amazing to learn so much about a new culture and how it is similar and different to my own.  We took the train to Kyoto, which was awesome! We went all around Kyoto.  First, we went to the garden temple place. The entire place was so historic and beautiful.  Each building, each bridge, even each plant had a special meaning.  We learned that the colors red and white together means happiness and the cherry blossoms mean prosperity.  It was a beautiful place filled with so much history.

Next, we went to a garden on a small hill. We went through the garden and I felt so much peace.  I was talking to the Japanese students and they loved the nature throughout the garden.  We didn’t talk much; we just walked and enjoyed the sounds of nature.  It was absolutely amazing!!  After going through the garden, we got to explore the shops and go for lunch.  For lunch, we had hot udon.  It was kinda funny because I was talking to one of the Japanese students named Kana and I asked her what her favorite food was.  She said she loved udon so, when we were told that, that’s what we were eating, her and I nearly jumped in excitement.

After the fantastic lunch and the shopping, we went to a temple area.  We were given free time to roam around the temple grounds and look at all the historical buildings.  A group of us found a little hiking trail that supposedly lead to a shrine.  It was a fairly tough walk, but it was so much fun! We never found the shrine and we got a lot of mud on our shoes and pants, but the hike was worth it because we had our friends.

Finally, we went to this market street for dinner.  We split off into groups and went off on our own.  A big group of us found an owl and cat café.  We were amazed so we decided to go in.  We went into the cafes and we got to pet the owls and hold the cats.  It was a great time! We kinda forgot to eat, but…Animals!!!  It was awesome.

Osaka has been amazing! We leave tomorrow, but this will be an adventure I remember forever.