Have You Ever Woken Up and Forgotten Where You Were?
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Have You Ever Woken Up and Forgotten Where You Were?

Have you ever woken up and forgotten where you were? I did that today.  I woke up and completely forgot I was on the other side of the world.  As soon as I remembered, my roommate and I got ready so fast.  We were ready to start the day, especially after the day we had yesterday.  We had breakfast at 6:30am at the hotel, then started our day with a concert at a chapel service.  We went to a high school and performed three songs for their school.  They were so welcoming and I wish we could have stayed longer.  After the performance, many of the students waved to us and thanked us, we felt so blessed.

Next, we had the opportunity to go to Osaka Castle.  A few of the Japanese students from the college joined us.  We loved talking with the students and getting to know them.  They were very knowledgeable and we are proud to say that we now have some new friends.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to go inside the castle, but we walked around and talked with our new friends.

After exchanging contacts and saying goodbye to our new friends, we went to an elementary school to perform again.  We say an entire set of songs with a Q&A portion between song halves.  The kids had great questions.  They stretched from “You look like adults, how old are you?” to “How do you learn so many languages?”.  We could tell that all these kids would grow to be very successful based on the questions they were asking.  The choir’s favorite part about this concert was the song: Circle of Life.  The reason why is because during this song we have animal noises and what I learned is that kids are great at making animal noises.  During the song, our choir director turned around and had the kids make animal noises during the animal sounds section of the piece.  They were so good! The kids were so creative and imaginative, not to mention CUTE! That was definitely the highlight of the day for many of us.

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