Trinity West University celebrates successful outreach trip to India
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Trinity West University celebrates successful outreach trip to India

AFTER travelling to nine cities in seven days, the Vice Provost of Trinity Western University’s (TWU) tenth visit to India came to a successful conclusion on Friday.

Dr Philip Laird started the flight from Vancouver to Delhi on Jan 19. Shortly after the arrival on the same day, without any rests, a flight was scheduled to fly from the capital of India to Chandigarh where he met over 100 educators (thanks to Z3 Global Consulting) and provided great information about TWU and its programs.

Then, on the following day, Dr. Laird and his team (Mr. Geoffrey Feng from TWU, Mr. Prasenjeet Mukherjee – CEO from Z3 Global Consulting and his associate Shreya Das) started another trip starting at the middle of the night, and spent over 8 hours in the car driving from Jalandhar, Ludhiana to Delhi! Everyone in the car was very tired but no one complained, the working spirit was so high that Dr. Laird probably only had about 4 hours of sleep.

Once arriving in Delhi on the seemingly never-ending Indian highway by car on Jan 20, Dr. Laird and the team took a delayed flight to Ahmedabad (by this time he had travelled to 4 cities already).

Local education partners in Ahmedabad were thrilled to see him and arranged a large gathering of people to hear him talking about Canada and its education systems. After a warm reception and positive response from friends in India after the seminar, Dr. Laird hurried back to the city’s airport and took a flight from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad.

The hectic schedule obviously was not an issue at all to a baseball coach who always has a passion for helping kids excel at sports and often have to exercises on the field when coaching. The exercises really paid off in India when faced with demanding requests on energy, clarity and concentration of someone’s mind and body.

Hyderabad on Jan 21 was another great success. The metropolitan Indian city is strategic for the University as there are huge interests and demands for TWU’s graduate programmes and science programmes where Dr. Laird has been keenly emphasising on promoting. The education agents couldn’t stop coming to Dr. Laird for questions and handshakes, and to tell Dr. Laird how excited they are to work with TWU in the future.

Dear readers, if you haven’t had enough of the crazy trips so far, guess where Dr. Laird traveled next?

He made a plan to fly from Hyderabad to Delhi and then to Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal.

After receiving information from close connections in India that the Nepal market is very similar to the Indian market, he realised the importance of making appearances in that country. It was the right move to globalise the University!

After arriving in Kathmandu on Jan 22 and checking into a local hotel, we were informed that there will be around 70 top local agents will come to the seminar, but it turned out over 130 showed up to hear Dr. Laird speak!

The seminar was a great success too, and almost immediately, Dr. Laird and the recruiting team received business proposals from Nepal agents he had met during the talk.

Because the academic credentials and vast experiences in international education, the state media of Nepal made an appointment with Dr. Laird to conduct a TV interview which was aired to the entire country.

However, the trip didn’t stop for the TWU delegation. On Jan 23, the team flew from Nepal back to Delhi and visited a very reputable university Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary (SGT) University where great discussions occurred around a summer short-term programme and a FAR centre cooperation model.

The programme stipulates that SGT’s students take TWU’s first and second year courses at SGT, then transfer to TWU’s third and fourth year undergraduate programmes in Corporate Communication, Biotechnology, and Computer Science, among others.

What a trip! The delegation team accomplished so many objectives during this trip thanks to the leadership led by Dr. Phil Laird.

Most importantly, through the seminars and interactions with educators from around the world, more and more students and educators became aware of Trinity Western University’s mission, values and purpose. Many places also had much more in-depth knowledge and recognition of TWU’s unique programme offerings and well known TWU student experiences.

As I am writing this, while on the Air Canada plane back to home, Dr. Laird has been tirelessly working on an agreement that will be signed by TWU and SGT University. You can view Dr. Laird’s India trip promotional video below: