Germany needs you – if you’re a Filipino nurse
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Germany needs you – if you’re a Filipino nurse

STRUGGLING under the pressure of an ageing population and a dire shortage of qualified medical staff, Germany has reached out to the Philippines to plug the gap, with an offer for Filipino nurses to make the move to Europe.

The Triple Win Project – deriving its name from benefitting Germany, Philippines, and the nurses – is now accepting applications for 400 nursing positions, located throughout Germany.

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Administrator Bernard Olalia spoke to the press about the scheme on Friday and confirmed a previous statement saying successful candidates will start on a monthly salary of 1,900 Euros (US$2,170). This will subsequently be increased to 2,300 Euros (US$2,630) after recognition as a qualified nurse.

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According to The Manila Times, Olalia said those who make the move will likely only spend a small portion of this as expenses would be shouldered by the employer.

“The employer will pay the visa and airfare from the Philippines to Germany and will assist the employee to find suitable accommodation,” he said.

“The selected nurse will bear the expenses in full or in part of the board and lodging.”

The scheme aims to lighten the burden on Germany’s buckling healthcare system. Figures from 2018 show there are 36,000 jobs unfilled in the country’s professional care industry, causing nurses to complain of overwork and not being able to properly attend to patients.

With Germany’s ageing population, this only looks set to worsen. In late 2015, there were 2.9 million individuals in need of care – by 2030, this figure is expected to rise to 4.1 million, according to DW.

The one million nurses currently working are already struggling, but it is projected 3 million nurses will be needed by 2060 to deal with the influx of elderly.

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Germany is not the only country in search of Filipino assistance. Olalia also said the National Ambulance Company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates was in urgent need of qualified Filipino applicants to fill up its vacancy for 150 emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

Responding to the global skill shortage, the Philippine’ Department of Labour and Employment recently announced it would be opening six more Philippine Overseas Labour Offices (POLO) in China, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, USA and Croatia.

This will be in addition to the 34 POLOs worldwide, 13 of which are in the Middle East, 11 in Asia, seven in Europe, and three in North and South America.