Why Thailand needs more skilled foreign workers
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Why Thailand needs more skilled foreign workers

THAILAND needs to attract skilled foreign workers to take up vacancies in the country to overcome a shortage of skilled-workers, especially in the industrial technology sector, a Thai academic said.

Sureeporn Phanpueng, a researcher at the Institute for Population and Social Research of Mahidol University revealed that Thailand needs around 2.3 million more skilled employees to work in innovative and technological industries, robotics, and the health and food industries, the National News Bureau of Thailand reported.

Sureeporn said this during a seminar held by the university where she proposed that the government solve the problem by offering work visas to skilled foreign workers who take up positions in Thailand.

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She added creating an attractive living environment for the foreigners could also draw them to work in the country.

The researcher also added the government should promote the transfer of technological know-how between foreign experts and Thai workers, as well as international education in Thailand.

On Tuesday, the Thai capital Bangkok was named the fourth best Asian city for expats, according to the Expat City Ranking 2018.


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Earlier this month, Thailand introduced and Talent and Smart visas initiative based on an MOU to establish a Strategic Talent Center (STC) which engages the private sector.

With the STC, foreign experts in digital technology and sciences who wish to live and work in Thailand could be assessed for eligibility.

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The government is will soon accept the principle four-year visa-free grants and free work permits under the “Smart Visa” programme which is targeted at industry experts and foreign technology investors.

According to Mondaq.com, a global legal firm, foreigners in Thailand must currently report to authorities every 90 days, but under the “Smart Visa” scheme, holders will be required to report to the immigration bureau only once a year. This visa will also be extendible to family members, according to the firm,

The government is planning to roll out the “Smart Visa” programme early next year.

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