Step inside a cartoon at this South Korean cafe
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Step inside a cartoon at this South Korean cafe

THE South Korean capital city of Seoul has no shortage of amazing novelty cafes, from cute animals cafes with in-house sheep to a poo-themed cafe serving up poop-shaped food in mini toilet bowls (yep, you read that right.)

This next one just joined the big league and it has completely taken the internet by surprise.

Inspired by the hit Korean drama W – Two Worlds starring Hallyu heartthrob Lee Jong Suk and the gorgeous Han Hyo Joo, Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 (CAFE 연남동239-20) features a one-of-a-kind interior which will make you feel like you have just stepped into a cartoon.

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Why? Because everything in the monochromatic coffee joint from the decor to the furniture, and even right down to the mugs, dishes, and cutlery look like two-dimensional flat line drawings.

“We created the cafe because there was nothing like it in Korea or even the world. We tried to make a very unique concept. That is why we chose this style,” MailOnline Travel quoted Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 owner Eunjin Lee as saying.

Minimalists will love its wacky but pleasing comic-like aesthetic that looks like an optical illusion. Instagram addicts, too, are sure to whip out their smartphones to give their feed a little fun and cartoon-y upgrade.

Check out more pictures of Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 below and remember to bookmark this for the next time you are in Seoul so you can visit the cafe for your very own dose of surrealism, and perhaps some coffee and dessert too.

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