Indonesian motorbike taxi driver visits Russia for World Cup
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Indonesian motorbike taxi driver visits Russia for World Cup

JAKARTA motorbike taxi driver Roy Sunandar has fulfilled the dream of millions of Indonesians: to attend the World Cup.

In a series of Instagram posts that have gone viral in the country of more than 260 million, Roy showed himself enjoying the World Cup festivities and some of the sights in Russia. He arrived in Russia on June 25.

According to one post, Roy attended the game between South Korea and Germany, in which the Asian side upset the reigning champions by beating them 2-0. Germany were thus knocked out of the tournament.

On Match South Korea vs Germany. 사랑 해요, 고마워요. 🇩🇪

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Roy appeared in several photos wearing the distinctive green jacket of his employer, the Indonesian ridesharing service Go-Jek.

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He told that he had not been able to find rice to eat in Russia, instead staying fuelled with instant noodles he’d brought from home as well as bread, kebabs and salad.

His budget for the trip was 30 million Indonesian Rupiah – around US$2080.

Roy told Detik that he only earns around 200,000 to 300,000 (US$14-21) Indonesian rupiah per day, or between 3 and 4.5 million per month (US$210-313).

He has saved around one million rupiah (US$70) per month since he began driving for Go-Jek three years ago.