India rejects claim it is the most dangerous country on earth for women
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India rejects claim it is the most dangerous country on earth for women

INDIA was recently named the world’s unsafest country for women, but the country’s tourism ministry is taking steps to reassure travelers.

The title was bestowed to India after the results of a Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) poll in June revealed India was dangerous for women, more so than Afganistan, Syria, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia.

However, Tourism Ministry Secretary Rashmi Verma said in a letter sent to the heads of its overseas missions, trade, and hospitality associations, as well as its tourism offices abroad, that the TRF poll was based on “perception.”

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She also added that India had implemented numerous safety initiatives since the fatal gang-rape of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student, Jyoti Singh Pandey, in New Delhi in 2012.

The incident triggered anger across the world and many questioned India’s protocol for dealing with and preventing these events.

Verma went on to state in the letter which was shared with Reuters, that the efforts of the government have proved to be working as the number of female tourists to India have remained the same.

Also listed in the letter were the other measures taken to ensure women’s safety across the country. These included the recent enactment of a stringent anti-rape law, institutional systems such as crisis centers and helplines, 24-hour support, counseling and legal aid.


A woman shouts slogans during a protest against the rape of a ten-year-old girl, in the outskirts of Delhi, India April 25, 2018. Source: Reuters/Adnan Abidi

A multi-lingual toll-free number has also been set up for foreigners and tourism police have been deployed to watch out for travelers.

“These efforts are showing results and the life of the average Indian woman is far improved as compared to a decade before,” Verma wrote.

“Facts clearly show that the opinion of India as the most dangerous country for women is not a reflection of reality,” she added.

Overall, the tourism ministry dismissed the TRF poll as “clearly inaccurate,” Reuters reported.

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Reuters, however, pointed out government data shows that cases of reported crime against women rose by 83 percent between 2007 and 2016, which equivalent to a reported rape every hour.

New Delhi-based Center for Social Research director Ranjana Jumari thinks the simplest way to change perceptions of women’s safety in India is to include more females in lawmaking.

Jumari urged lawmakers to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill which guarantees one-third of national and state assembly seats will be reserved for women.

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