Unicef thanks BTS for helping to raise $1m against child violence
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Unicef thanks BTS for helping to raise $1m against child violence

GLOBAL K-Pop megastars BTS have been thanked by the United Nations’ Children’s Fund (Unicef) for helping to raise more than $1 million as part of a campaign to eliminate violence against children and young people.

In November last year, BTS signed on for a two-yera campaign with Unicef deemed Love Myself to promote non-violence. The campaign took its name from the group’s hit album Love Yourself: Her, released the month prior.

“Thank you BTS and the BTS Army. You’ve raised over $1 million for our work to end violence against children and young people,” said Henrietta H. Fore in a video posted to Twitter along with the hashtag #ENDviolence.

“The Love Myself campaign is proof that young people around the world can come together and make a difference.”

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“From your music, to your messages, to your donations, you’ve shown the power of kindness. We here at Unicef purple you,” Fore added, using a phrase used by the BTS Army.

According to group member Kim Taehyung, “purple is the last colour of the rainbow colours so it means I will trust and love you for a long time.”

BTS members and their record label Big Hit will also donate 500 million won ($460,000) to Love Myself.

The campaign’s website says the funds will be used “will be used to protect and support child and teen victims of domestic and school violence as well as sexual assault around the world. Also, this will be used to provide an education to local communities for violence prevention.”