Hotline Kim: Trump says he has given a direct phone line to North Korea
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Hotline Kim: Trump says he has given a direct phone line to North Korea

AFTER their momentous summit in Singapore last week, US President Donald Trump has said he has given North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un a direct phone number to call him if need be.

Asked what he would be doing on Father’s Day by conservative US broadcaster Fox News on Saturday, Trump said “I’m going to be actually calling North Korea.”

“I gave him a very direct number,” Trump added. “He can now call me if he has any difficulties. I can call him. We have communication, it’s a very good thing.”

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Trump added that he would “speak to people in North Korea, and I’m going to speak to my people who are over in North Korea.”

Last week’s summit culminated in the two leaders signing a joint statement, agreeing to work towards “complete denuclearisation” of the Korean Peninsula and establish “new US-DPRK relations”. As a sign of goodwill, the US on Monday announced it was officially suspending joint military exercises with South Korea.

Nevertheless, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said she was “not aware” of any such phone call between Kim and Trump occurring on Sunday.

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“I know the president has spoken with a number of administration officials that are working on the details following the North Korean summit, and we’ll keep you posted on those details,” she said.

According to the Nikkei Asia Review, China’s government was caught off guard by the announcement Trump had established a direct line with Kim.

While he has met Kim twice, Chinese President Xi Jinping does not have a direct line to Pyongyang.