Become a real-world changemaker at Mount Royal University
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Become a real-world changemaker at Mount Royal University

Academic research has an integral part to play in today’s world. From scientific breakthroughs to societal shifts, university research is often at the forefront of progressive movements, medical developments and global awareness.

At many universities, you will explore these deep questions in a classroom setting, reading from a textbook and taking exams to demonstrate your knowledge. Regardless of whether you are investigating tribal relations in remote Himalayan communities or considering the application of human psychology in mathematical decision-making, you’ll find yourself in the same lecture halls every week and the same library every day.

Studying in this traditional way is how most undergraduate degrees are taught, believing you need to know the basics before tackling the world. It can certainly be useful to have this background knowledge, but institutions like Mount Royal University understand that it’s ‘how well, not how much’ that matters on the path to fulfilling your potential.

Mount Royal University, located in Canada’s dynamic city of Calgary, is about much more than cramming in curricula; it’s an academic journey that explores different paths to promote genuine intellectual development.

Innovative research opportunities integrally link to your degree, no matter which level of study you’re at, encouraging you to create real-world impacts from the beginning of your studies.

This is an invaluable opportunity for students whose career closely relates to their degree, or those who are preparing for postgraduate, research-based qualifications such as a PhD, since you will come equipped with real-world experience that other graduates have only read about in journals or analysed in essays.

Current third-year psychology student, Hannah Storrs, is seeing the benefits of this research-led approach in her application for further study: “Being a research assistant lets me say I have experience in qualitative and quantitative fields. It lets me say I’m a co-author on some publications. It allows me to really stand out from most students applying. It isn’t just about GPA anymore, it’s about what you can say about the experience you have.”

Michael Quinn, PhD, Associate Vice-President of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement at MRU, says: “Research, in all its forms at MRU, provides our students with opportunities to embrace and advance the most current thinking and practice in their chosen fields. It goes hand-in-hand with teaching.

“In addition, providing opportunities for undergraduate research is a tangible expression of Mount Royal’s commitment to personalized learning,” he adds.

In true Mount Royal University style, you will be respected as an individual learner for the duration of your studies. This is why you’re offered a breadth of learning styles and research projects, from the innovative Riddell Library and Learning Centre where you can learn while sipping coffee or strolling on a treadmill, to taking part in the student exchange program in Australia, England, Colombia or Brazil to name just a few.

The ground-breaking experiences Mount Royal University offers shapes changemakers ready to influence the world, not only during their careers but from the very campus that first launched their academic careers.


This commitment to producing forward-thinking graduates is nurtured and consolidated through an average class size of 30 students. Despite the university being home to over 13,000 students, all learners benefit from small, personalised classes that allow them to thrive while exploring their subject content.

True to the university’s motto of ‘how well, not how much’, these lessons provide students with the tailored content needed to academically thrive in their degrees under the close supervision of the best minds in their field.

Students will be left with a deep sense of knowledge thanks to an integrated learning approach that nurtures academic development, paired with a natural desire to ask questions about the world. Every day, you’ll learn to engage with issues brought to light by academic investigations, and gain skills needed to shift curiosity into action through meaningful endeavours.

There are many opportunities to find your own unique stride at the university, rather than being treated as a statistic lost in a sea of other students. From having personal relationships with your professors, to working as research assistants on innovative projects, students have the freedom and support to develop their academic independence and succeed at university and beyond.

Graduates of Mount Royal University are much more than just graduates. They are movement-makers, society-shakers and global influencers. Find your stride at Mount Royal University today.

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