Study in Canada: Strategic career development and global success
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Study in Canada: Strategic career development and global success

As a prominent study hub for nearly half a million international students, Canada is in high demand among a global network of aspiring learners.

With the help of the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), the reason for Canada’s growing popularity has been outlined by its president, Karen McBride. As she explains, “Our research shows that international students choose Canada because of the quality of the Canadian education system and our reputation as a safe and tolerant country. This reputation is especially attractive now, given a changing global climate, and 95% of international students tell us they would recommend Canada to family and friends.”

Of course, Canada is no stranger to its super-friendly stereotype. For example, a recent report made by Study International demonstrates how the country’s welcoming reputation often crosses over into real-life situations. In this instance, police in Ontario noticed that “international students who came from countries where there were tensions between police and the public were uncomfortable around them.”


To tackle this issue and ensure everyone feels equal, the local police service teamed up with community partners to produce the ‘Intercultural Ride-Along Program’. By joining this initiative, international students have the chance to join the police force on their daily journey and break down any cultural barriers they might face.

In the Canadian Government’s International Education Strategy, they aim to use the region’s knowledge-based global economy to drive innovation and prosperity. A key component of the strategy is to attract more than 450,000 international students to Canada by 2022. As the plan outlines, “by increasing the number of international students to more than 450,000, we will create new sources of jobs, economic growth and prosperity in every region of the country.”

With plans to make it easier for international students to work during and after their studies, aspiring learners are drawn to the future career benefits that Canada holds. The country aims to raise the number of job opportunities on offer, so a degree from a Canadian institution could be the key to global success.

Along with a head start to your career, the country is also supplying international students with a wide range of scholarships. So, if you’re ambitious and want to kickstart your studies in Canada, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of advantages waiting for you there!

Discover the universities in Canada that will link you to global success…


First established in 1910, Mount Royal University has delivered excellent post-secondary education for more than 100 years. Just one hour away from Banff and within view of the Rocky Mountains, international students find everything they need to study, live and thrive in Calgary.


With an average class size of 29 students, Mount Royal provides prime learning opportunities with engaging professors. The university motto, Quam bene non quantum, Latin for “how well, not how much”, truly captures Mount Royal’s vision of ensuring quality over quantity when it comes to teaching.

With a multidimensional learning approach, Mount Royal offers an array of bachelor degrees, diplomas and certificates in subjects such as English, Sociology, BusinessNursingEducation, Public Relations and Environmental Science.

Mount Royal fulfills the needs of students from around the world in a safe environment, that’s why 95 percent of middle-year students believe it’s a respectful and inclusive place to learn. With a vibrant community of international learners and a beautiful campus, it’s the best time to master your studies at Mount Royal University.


At the intersection of mind and action, Ryerson University in Toronto offers the ideal combination of real-world knowledge and experience. With specialized minor and graduate programs, the university helps learners take their education to the next level.


With an urban campus in the heart of Toronto, Ryerson hosts various departments and faculties that support the diversity of student learning styles. The institution understands the importance of accommodating educational diversity, taking great pride in its inclusive campus environment.

To enhance student learning capabilities, Ryerson integrates Zone Learning into its academic framework. By using experiential workshops and boot camps, learners’ professional portfolios are dramatically improved, and communication skills are also enhanced.

Leadership is another leading advantage to studying at Ryerson University. As President Mohamed Lachemi explains, “We encourage our students to challenge the status quo, to see where their talent, creativity and energy can take them.”


By building bold architecture and constructing high-tech classrooms, this student-focused institution in Toronto encourages learners to expand their mind and academic abilities. With a future full of new schools and community spaces, York University is always developing.


To cater to your chosen subject of study, York presents you with a vast selection of programs. From courses in Biotechnology, Earth & Atmospheric Science and International Development, there’s a degree available for everyone.

Equipped with a strong community connection, York teaches students to become agents of change in a global world. By addressing pertinent societal issues, learners graduate with an appreciation for civil responsibility. To take these skills one step further, the university has a longstanding reputation for community-engaged research, so you’ll have the chance to participate in various innovation projects.

If you want to discover feature-length stories about the world-leading work at York University, you can check out the innovative Brainstorm YFile collection online.


As one of Canada’s oldest universities, Dalhousie was founded in 1818 and has a global reputation for its transformative programs.


With the welfare of international students in mind, Dalhousie reinforces internationalization techniques. By supporting interdisciplinary research and cross-cultural communication, this prestigious academic institution in Nova Scotia welcomes learners from across the globe and goes the extra mile to ensure everyone feels at home.

Through strategic support services, students feel secure on Dalhousie’s academic programs. For instance, if English is not your first language, there are English as a Second Language (ESL) schemes you can take. Or, if you’d rather opt for one-to-one support, you can meet with a personal study coach and receive custom-made advice.

To place your career firmly on the right path, Dalhousie has a Bissett Student Success Centre. Situated in the Student Union building on campus, you’ll be able to walk in and discuss job postings and potential employment in Canada.


Based in British Columbia, the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a public university that enrolls around 15,000 students per year.


Despite its small class sizes, UFV is large enough to provide you with an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. As President Jackie Hogan states in her welcome letter, “Our faculty, staff and students know each other by name, and form connections that last throughout their careers. With 14,000 students, including 1,100 international students from more than 50 countries, we stay true to our friendly, open and supportive culture.”

Student life at the University of the Fraser Valley is bursting with extra-curricular activities and leadership involvement programs. Plus, you’ll get to meet friendly Student Life Ambassadors who are ready to steer you through your study adventure.

By learning at UFV, you’ll also get access to a trustworthy Career Centre. Complete with interview workshops and career coaches, you’ll soon be on the fast-track to the job of your dreams!

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