In pictures: Studio Ghibli to open park in Japan by 2022
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In pictures: Studio Ghibli to open park in Japan by 2022

IN huge news for anime fans, a Studio Ghibli theme park is scheduled to open in Japan in four years, featuring rides and attractions based on Oscar-winning animator Hayao Miyazaki’s works.

The first concept pictures have just been released. The 200-hectare park is located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, the same place where the 2005 World’s Fair was held.

During the fair, a replica of the house from My Neighbor Totoro was built. Hence, the structure will be kept for the park.

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The “Satsuki and Mei’s House” is where the two leading characters of “My Neighbor Totoro” live. Source: Pinterest

The footpaths in the forest located behind the house will be maintained as well. The park will be divided into five areas.

Visitors can expect to see iconic Ghibli-related worlds such as the towers from Howl’s Moving Castle, which will also serve as the park’s main gate.


Source: Studio Ghibli

Inside, the area will be styled like the film as well.

The Princess Mononoke village will boast a building designed with a motif of the Tataraba iron mill featured in the movie.

Oh, and don’t be too startled to find a giant sculpture of the Tatari Gami, the enormous demon spirit that attacks the Emishi village in Princess Mononoke.


Source: Studio Ghibli

Other Ghibli films that will be featured include Whisper of the Heart and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

In particular, the Kiki’s Delivery Service area will include magic-inspired attractions at the small amusement park and an Okinotei replica, the house of Kiki’s parents.

Fans will also be pleased to find the antique shop from Whisper of the Heart in the park.


Source: Studio Ghibli

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Construction cost and other details are yet to be finalised, but the Aichi government is aiming to build the park by 2022.

In the meantime, fans can visit the popular Ghibli Museum in Inokashira Park, Mitaka on the outskirts of Tokyo.

A version of this article was originally published on our sister website Travel Wire Asia.