Australian breaks world record for scaling world’s tallest summits  
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Australian breaks world record for scaling world’s tallest summits  

AUSTRALIAN man, Steve Plain, has broken mountaineering records by becoming the fastest person on the planet to scale all seven of the highest mountains on each of the world’s continents, just four years after he survived a broken neck.

Plain finished his ascent of Mount Everest on Monday, completing all seven peaks in just 117 days.

A Twitter post from Everest Today tracked Plain and his companions, Jon Gupta and Pemba Sherpa, as they became the first foreigners to reach the 8,850-metre summit this spring season.

Gupta posted to Facebook as the group reached the peak. “Hello from the top of the world,” the post said.

He described the mission as “totally epic and absolutely incredible.” Pointing out that, while it was his third time to the summit of Everest, it was Plain’s first, placing him in the history books.

“Words simply can’t begin to describe what I can see & how I am feeling – it’s very emotional!!,” he said.

“Right – now then, let’s get down safely!”

According to the Australian, Plain broke his neck in 2014 after being dumped by a wave at Perth’s Cottesloe Beach. The accident left him with multiple fractures to several vertebrae, a contorted spinal cord, ruptured disc, dissected arterial artery, and torn ligaments. Doctors told him he might end up in a wheelchair

To focus his rehabilitation, Plain set himself the ambitious goal of walking out of his hospital bed and tackling all seven.

Since January, Plain has climbed Mt Vinson in Antarctica, Aconcagua in South America, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Carstensz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea, Mt Elbrus in Russia, the highest peak in Europe, and Denali in Alaska, North America’s tallest.

By scaling Everest this morning he beat the previous Seven Summits record by eight days that had been set last year by Polish climber Janusz Kochanski, who took 126 days.