Aussies warned not to feed kangaroos over attacks
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Aussies warned not to feed kangaroos over attacks

WE’RE all guilty of craving a Big Mac from time to time, but it seems these kangaroos are willing to fight for one.

After a recent spate of feisty attacks, tourists visiting a town in New South Wales, Australia have been warned against feeding kangaroos fast food. Lake Macquarie local MP Greg Piper described the gory incidences in a recent Facebook video as a “local tourism phenomenon”.

Piper explained visitors to the area are keen to see the kangaroos at Morrissett Hospital, a psychiatric facility.

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It is one of the few places travelers can see and get close to many kangaroos in one place. Visitors to the hospital are allowed to take selfies and pet the kangaroos but feeding them is not part of the package.

Morisset Kangaroos

Kangaroo tourism has become a big thing at Morisset Hospital. Having been widely advertised as a good viewing site on the internet and on social media it is not likely that it can be stopped, but for the wellbeing of the kangaroos and the safety of visitors, there does need to be better education about the Do's and Don'ts and at least some improved management. As you can see in this latest video I've produced, people are getting injured. I don't want to see people stopped from visiting the kangaroos, but there clearly needs to be a co-ordinated response to protect the kangaroos as well as the people who visit them.PLEASE NOTE: If you come across any injured roos or wildlife in this area, please call Hunter Wildlife Rescue, NATF Inc on 0418 628 483.

Posted by Greg Piper MP on Monday, April 30, 2018


Knowing the power and potential ferocity of a kangaroo, it’s surprising anyone would want to get close enough to feed them, let alone introduce them to the world of Ronald McDonald.

Kangaroos are wildly protective over their young and males regularly box each other for fun to assert their dominance or compete for mates. The animals typically graze on grass but the introduction of sugar to their diet has caused an addiction to processed food.


Source: Kroosn Shuttle Service Pty Ltd/ Facebook

“You can rustle a chip packet and they know what’s in there,” Lewis told The Guardian. “That makes them aggressive.”

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In addition to “Do Not Feed The Kangaroos,’’ signs around the park, Lewis has taken to showing visitors images of injuries caused by the creatures.


Source: Kroosn Shuttle Service Pty Ltd/ Facebook

“We try to scare them into not being naive and thinking they’re cute and cuddly by showing them the photos, what can happen, and not to give them any food,” he added. The area receives around 2,000 visitors per week and Piper wants to ensure everyone is safe.

He has called upon the state’s national parks department and health department to install multi-lingual warning signs, as well as toilets at the park.

This article originally appeared on our sister site Travel Wire Asia.