Trump deletes Twitter as cat K-Pop group kicks off US tour: April Fools’ Day 2018
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Trump deletes Twitter as cat K-Pop group kicks off US tour: April Fools’ Day 2018

DESPITE being the age of fake news and viral hoaxes, it appears April 1 hasn’t lost its appeal.

April Fools’ Day this year fell on Easter Sunday and coincided with Jewish Passover, no doubt giving corporate marketing teams plenty to work with.

Tech giant Google played prankster all over the place. For example, Google Australia claimed it was rebranding as “Googz” to reflect local slang.

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Google Japan went a step further, pretending that they had designed a Gboard Physical Handwriting Version, allowing people to mash the keyboard in order to “handwrite” Japanese script.

Where’s Waldo appeared on Google Maps all over the world.

Mobile app game Pokémon GO proclaimed it was rebooting with 1980s-style 8-bit graphics: “Registering approximately twice the definition of 4K, the chunky squares of each pixel provide realistic detail and unbelievable definition.”

“Your Pokédex will feel lifelike in ways previously unimagined on any handheld device ever created.”

MTV Asia unfurled a fabricated, all-cat K-pop group called F3L1NE which it said would be embarking on its first ever American tour.

“Releasing their comeback single, ‘Pet Me, Feed Me, Rub Me’ tomorrow exclusively on Topsify, the kitties also announced F3L1NE’s world-premiere pounce choreography video,” MTV Asia reported.

Hong Kong Airlines claimed it would begin serving mile-high, freshly chopped roasted duck and pork to “satisfy your cravings for HK food”, depicting one of its flight attendants with a hawker style cart aboard one of its planes.

PlayStation Asia claimed it was creating a board game to “let you experience the mild thrills of moving game pieces on cardboard.”

Ever wished your PlayStation gaming experience was a little less digital and a whole lot more analog?With all new…

Posted by PlayStation Asia on Saturday, March 31, 2018

UK newspaper The Independent, meanwhile, published a story which claimed that US President Donald Trump had quit Twitter.

The “Twitter was fun once – BIG fun. But I’m getting tired of the TROLLS (many of whom are douchebags). Got a big job to do putting America first. God bless Twitter & the almighty USA. Peace OUT!”

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Democracy watchdog Freedom House also got in on the fun, releasing a mock Freedom in the World profile for the fictional land of Westeros from the acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones.

“Westeros, though traditionally known as the Seven Kingdoms, is a realm of nine feudal regions ruled by a paramount monarch based in the capital, King’s Landing,” it read.

“Civil liberties are not generally recognized, and human rights conditions have deteriorated sharply in recent years due to a multilateral civil war.”