Yogi Modi: Indian PM stars in cartoon yoga video
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Yogi Modi: Indian PM stars in cartoon yoga video

THE Indian Prime Minister’s skills don’t end at diplomacy and governance, the keen yoga enthusiast is now spreading his knowledge of the ancient practice through an unlikely medium.

Narendra Modi released a cartoon video of himself demonstrating a variety of different yoga poses in an attempt to get people off the couch and practicing the tadasana and the trikonasana.

This is not the first time the limber leader has pitched for people to take up yoga. Even during his address to the nation on Sunday, the prime minister said that yoga is a guarantee of both fitness and wellness.

“It is the result of our concerted efforts and commitment that yoga has now become a mass movement and reached every house,” he said, as reported by First Post.

He has also made yoga a key part of India’s global outreach, convincing the United Nations to establish 21 June as International Yoga Day and leading thousands of people in yoga demonstrations each year.

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The videos, posted to Modi’s You Tube channel, were created by “a few youngsters” according to his Twitter post, and coincided with his push for “Fit India.”

“I surely am a yoga practitioner and yet some people, through their creativity, have made me a yoga teacher as well and 3-D animated videos of my yoga practice sessions have been prepared,” he said.

According to the Guardian, Modi’s love of the discipline has not been without controversy, with Indian Muslim groups accusing the government of pushing “Hindu religious practices.”

The government reportedly agreed to drop popular surya namaskar, or sun salutation, after some Muslim leaders complained it involved worshipping the sun, which runs contrary to Islamic principles.