Trinity Western Chamber Choir ~ 2018 Goodwill China Tour – Final Day
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Trinity Western Chamber Choir ~ 2018 Goodwill China Tour – Final Day

I think I speak for everyone on the tour when I say this has been an unforgettable trip.

We could not have asked for a better team of leaders and planners. The tour stretched and grew us all individually while also growing our choir in community and trust. The choir experienced the privilege of having complete religious freedoms in north america. We performed in all varieties of venus, freezing or humid, dead silent or clamoring with talk. Our collaborations were once-in-a-lifetime chances to work with a traditional Chinese orchestra,  rising composer Esmond Lim, from Hong Kong. Our team grew strong as we braved the Great Wall and navigated the city’s labyrinth  of subway stations to explore sacred gardens and temples. Most of all I believe it is important to say that as a choir from Trinity Western, God may have used our tour to make a difference in people’s lives that we may not ever be aware of. To end on a high note, the picture above is of the view from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong on the day we flew home.
It’s been an honor and a pleasure being your choir tour blogger.
Until next time,
– Linda.

One of our choir members, Ameris Henry, created this behind-the-scenes vlog experience of our entire tour. Enjoy.