Trinity Western Chamber Choir ~ 2018 Goodwill China Tour – Day 6
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Trinity Western Chamber Choir ~ 2018 Goodwill China Tour – Day 6

G’day dedicated tour followers!

Linda Here. So what do you picture in your mind’s eye when I say “an international school in China?” Before today I wouldn’t have had a clear expectation or picture in my head. We arrived at TIS (Tianjin International School) to perform a concert for the assembly of students at the end of their school day. But not before we were given a tour of the school’s facilities. To say the least the classrooms and resources of the school were astonishing. TIS includes elementary, middle, and high school, each with their own corresponding libraries. Their Arts programs showed flourishing into all kinds of learning. At TIS it was very obvious how highly the school values representation. There is a display of many nations flags in the foyer of the school, every flag that is displayed represents the presents of students from that nation attending TIS. Some of our education majors on the tour described TIS as their dream job.

A good friends of mine, Kirby Peters, is a 3rd year education major on the China tour.

She described TIS as “…having an obvious focus on incorporating and understanding many different cultural perspectives. They make a conscious effort to strive for excellence in both their students and as an institution. Classrooms are set up to promote cooperative learning and teamwork and are decorated in such a way where student work is highlighted and fits into the overall theme and design of the classroom….One of the most telling parts of the quality of a school is found through watching the teachers. Everyone we met was friendly, warm and looked like they were truly enjoying their job. This comes from strong leadership, support, a team mentality, and appreciation for the other members of your team. All of which seemed to be present at TIS”

The Chamber Choir considered it a great honor an privilege to be able to perform for such a high quality institution and student body as TIS.

“A note from TWU education majors to TIS”

Please hire us.