Trinity Western Chamber Choir ~ 2018 Goodwill China Tour – Day 10

 It’s one thing to be told about a truth over and over. It’s another level to experience a truth. And to have the events that you lived through to be proof of that’s truth. In churches today we know we are called to speed the ope land to speed it to the ends of the earth. We know that the body of Christ is an international one. We know that amazing missionaries are responding to the calling that God has placed on their lives. All theses things are truths, but they become living truths when people are living evidence of these things.

When the Chamber Choir came to the international church service at St. Andrews we had not heard the name of Christ spoken freely in more than a week. I don’t think that most of us were conscious of the toll that physically hearing the name Jesus would have. Our individual spirituality as well as the spirit and mental state of the choir and leaders was thirsty and tired. The worshiping we participated in was the giving of a gift and receiving of a gift simultaneously. It was all kinds of refreshing. Some of then song we sang were less familiar, but some of the songs that we sang were the same songs we sang in Canada. The unity of the church is sadly not always easy to see. But today we saw clearly how connect we are by the same holy spirit across continents, across language barriers, and cultures. We are united, not just in theology and belief, but physically united by gathering under the same roof of St. Andrew’s on Sunday morning brought the union of the Chamber choir with their brothers and sisters in Christ. And all of us brothers and sisters were united and strengthened around the focal point that is God the Holy Spirit.

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