South Korea’s Psy may perform in North
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South Korea’s Psy may perform in North

SOUTH KOREA may send global YouTube star Psy to perform in Pyongyang in April as part of an art troupe set to perform in the North Korean capital ahead of a landmark inter-Korean summit.

The performer behind 2012’s “Gangnam Style” has yet to be confirmed for the 160 member line-up, who will conduct a joint performance on April 3 according to South Korea’s news agency Yonhap. The setlist performed will include songs well known to North Koreans.

“We have formally proposed to the North to add Psy to the line-up,” said a South Korean official as quoted by Seoul TV station MBC.

AFP reported that North Korean authorities are concerned abut letting Psy perform, however, because of his provocative performance style and inclusion of Korean swearwords in his lyrics.

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Psy’s “Gangnam Style” been viewed more than 3 billion times on YouTube, making it one of the most viral videos ever posted to the video streaming website.

Another artist set to perform in Pyongyang is Korean pop superstar Cho Yong-pil, whose song “The Café in the Winter” is said to have been late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s favourite song and who previously performed in there in 2005.

Lee Sun-hee, whose hit song “To J” was performed by North Korean musicians last month in the South, will also join the art troupe.