South Korea moots idea of 3-way summit with US, North Korea
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South Korea moots idea of 3-way summit with US, North Korea

SOUTH KOREA’S President Moon Jae-in has suggested the possibility of a three-way summit between Seoul, Washington and Pyongyang.

“Holding a North Korea-US summit following a South-North Korea summit itself is a historical event. And depending on their outcomes, they may lead to a three-way summit of South, North and US,” said Moon on Wednesday, as quoted by state news agency Yonhap.

“We must completely resolve the issues of denuclearising the Korean Peninsula and establishing peace through these upcoming talks and others that will follow.”

Moon is set to hold a bilateral summit with North Korea next month, prior to US President’s slated meeting with Kim Jong-un before the end of May.

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Informal talks held in Finland between some 18 delegates from North Korean, South Korean and the US ended on Wednesday, in what Finnish authorities described as a “productive” meeting with a “positive atmosphere”.

Moon said that denuclearisation “is not something that can be realised only through an agreement between the South and the North. It requires a US guarantee, and that would require normalisation of the North-US relationship or even economic cooperation between the two.”

North Korea is pursuing its nuclear and missile programmes in defiance of United Nations Security Council sanctions and has made no secret of its plans to develop a missile capable of hitting the US mainland.

“Though it is an unexplored path we have never walked, we have clear plans and a clear vision of goals we seek to achieve through an agreement between the leaders of the South, North and the US,” Moon added.

Additional reporting from Reuters.