NEIT: Blending industry-focused, technical education with experiential learning
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NEIT: Blending industry-focused, technical education with experiential learning

Experiential education with an industry focus is becoming the most popular approach to teaching and learning in the US. An increasing number of colleges and universities are adapting their education model in line with this approach.

New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) is a pioneer in active learning. This premier technical university has been perfecting the learning-by-doing model of industry-focused education since it was founded in 1940, providing a world-class technical education to students from all over the globe.

Active Learning

Many universities emphasize theory, urging students to study several chapters and then take a test on knowledge learned. But if you prefer a more active, engaging learning style – this is the university for you! At NEIT, students learn by doing from their first day of class in specific industry labs that simulate work environments, utilizing technologies from their chosen field.

Here, students perform the tasks, use the real-life equipment, run the machines and design the software as they would in a professional setting. This approach to learning gives graduates the hands-on knowledge and work-ready skills employers seek worldwide. Students also benefit from an integrated liberal arts core curriculum, helping them develop the analytical and critical thinking skills needed for long-term career progression.


“Your education at NEIT will prepare you for the world of work and provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue your career,” says the university president, Richard Gouse. “I encourage you to take full advantage of the services and opportunities the university provides.”

Faculty with Professional Experience

Faculty at NEIT all have significant professional work experience and are experts in their field. Many still work in the industry they teach, and include actual work projects into the classroom. NEIT Faculty know what it takes to be successful, and they share this insider knowledge with students.

Because of the small classroom and laboratory environments, members of faculty get to know students and their career ambitions, showing them the best way to reach their goals. Unlike many other universities, the doors of NEIT faculty and university staff are always open to help students in any way they need.

Wide Range of Academic Majors

New England Institute of Technology offers more than 55 associate, bachelor’s, master’s and online programs in a range of professional fields, including:

Industry-focused Master’s degrees…

If you seek a prominent role in the field of cybersecurity defense, engineering, information technology, occupational therapy, public health or construction management – or otherwise hope to take on a leadership position and become an industry agent of change – pursuing one of NEIT’s specialized Master’s degrees could be your next career move.


For example, the Master of Applied Design is ideal for curious minds with innate creative vision. It teaches students how to conceptualize solutions to complex corporate, technical and social issues, transforming graduates into technological innovators and keen entrepreneurs.

The Master of Science in Engineering Management offers a unique integration of technical and managerial aspects, creating a curriculum that bridges the gap between multi-disciplinary fields of engineering and the field of business management.

Affordability and Accelerated Degrees

NEIT offers one of the lowest tuition costs of any private college or university in New England. Plus, through its accelerated degree programs, students can get their associate or master’s degree in as little as 18 months, as well as their bachelor’s degree in as little as three years. This saves students time and gives them more value, getting them into the workforce to start earning sooner.

Support for International Students

Students from over 45 countries have chosen to study at New England Institute of Technology in the last 5 years. The university provides all the necessary resources for international students preparing for arrival in the US, as well as  for those already attending the university.

Active, Modern Campus Life in Scenic New England

New England Institute of Technology’s modern, state-of-the-art campus is nestled in historic and picturesque East Greenwich, Rhode Island, just outside of the state’s hip, thriving capital city, Providence. NEIT students have access to what Lonely Planet describes as “some of the finest urban strolling in New England…along the landscaped Riverwalk trail, and among downtown’s handsome streets and lanes with their hipster-y cafes, art-house theatres, fusion restaurants and trend setting bars.”


Here, bus and train services, as well as easy airport access, grants students access to some of America’s most loved tourist destinations. Boston, Massachusetts, sits just one hour north while New York City is located just three hours south, providing students with the chance to discover two of the world’s most iconic municipalities.

It’s no surprise that the university offers a “smart technology” residence hall. Beyond just Wi-Fi, students enjoy access to IPTV, so you can watch TV channels on your phone as well as on the large screen monitors in all the common areas. The university also features an expansive, cutting-edge Student Center, while the food court offers a marketplace of choice to suit any taste. There’s also a sports pub with stadium seating for viewing sports events, and gaming areas for foosball, air hockey and pool. The Center also offers a stage for performances and karaoke, plus gaming pods to play video games with friends.

Students stay fit in NEIT’s comprehensive fitness center, or get active in the university’s range of professional organizations, student clubs, game competitions, honor society and club sports.

All of these things help NEIT serve as a platform for students to make their lives fun-filled and exciting, helping them forge memories they’ll never forget.

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