Lacoste replaces iconic crocodile with endangered species from Asia
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Lacoste replaces iconic crocodile with endangered species from Asia

FRENCH clothing manufacturer Lacoste has replaced the crocodile logo on its polo shirts for the first time in 85 years in a bid to help animal conservation efforts.

It released 10 limited edition polo shirts featuring ten critically endangered animals from around the world including Asia, launched at Paris Fashion Week last Wednesday. Proceeds went to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which turns 70 this year.

The number produced of each series corresponds to the population size estimated to be remaining in the wild according to experts at IUCN. For example, only 40 shirts were made with the Burmese roofed turtle, while there were 67 Javan rhino shirts made.

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“The Lacoste crocodile is one of the world’s most iconic logos, proudly displayed on the brand’s famous polos for the past 85 years,” said Lacoste in a statement. “For the first time in the brand’s history BETC has initiated a change of the logo”.

Only 1775 of the polos were produced in total which are already sold out, however people can still donate to the Save Our Species campaign, spearheaded by French advertising agency BETC to help prevent the extinction of endangered species.

Other critters appearing on the shirts included the Cato-vit Gibbon found on the border of China and Vietnam; the New Zealand-native flightless Kakapo parrot; the Sumatran tiger and the Saola, a type of herbivore related to cows and antelope found in the mountains between Laos and Vietnam.

Lacoste will partner with IUCN for the next three years.