Netizens use #Pyongyang2018 to tweet about the Winter Games
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Netizens use #Pyongyang2018 to tweet about the Winter Games

WHILE the 2018 Winter Olympics is being held in the region of Pyeongchang, South Korea, many netizens are mistakenly using the hashtag #Pyongyang2018 to tweet about the Games.

Pyongyang is of course the capital city of neighbouring North Korea, located about 300 kilometres away. It seems many fans can’t tell the difference between the two though.

While tweeting about the opening ceremony of the Games on Sunday night, many netizens began tweeting their thoughts with #Pyongyang2018 and have continued to do so ever since.

Some people have realised their mistake, but many are just tweeting on in blissful ignorance.


Getting in on the Olympic action, North Korea has actually built its own ski resorts, including a new one at Kanggye which was opened in January. Its team is competing in Pyeongchang, including fielding a joint women’s ice hockey squad with South Korea.

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With all its new infrastructure Pyongyang may one day host the Winter Games, but not in 2018.

Even some high-profile media outlets like France24, USA Today and Japanese outlet Nikkan Sports were guilty of using the #Pyongyang2018 hashtag.


These people are not the only foreigners to confuse the two place names. Back in 2014, a man from Kenya accidentally flew to Pyongyang after meaning to fly to Pyeongchang for a United Nations conference.

“By the time we were getting off the plane I had an eerie feeling that this was not Seoul,” he told the Wall Street Journal at the time.