Singapore far from world’s most exciting city
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Singapore far from world’s most exciting city

FINANCIAL powerhouse Singapore has been ranked lowly among a world ranking of cities according to how exciting they are, causing the Singapore Tourism Authority to defend the city-state’s status as a fun place.

Last week, Time Out magazine released its City Life Index 2018, ranking Singapore at 31 out of 32 cities just above Istanbul in Turkey. The publication surveyed 15,000 people across the world, finding that Chicago is seen as the most exciting urban centre in 2018.

Other cities in Singapore’s region fared well, with Melbourne ranked number 4 above London and Madrid, while Shanghai came in at 16th and Tokyo was 19th. Other Asia Pacific metropolises of Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Sydney were ranked 22, 24, 26 and 28, respectively.

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Some house-proud Singaporeans didn’t respond well to the news of its lacklustre performance.

Time Out’s page for Singapore now declares “Face: Singapore is not boring. And we can prove it”, listing things like where to work out for free and where there are outdoor cinemas.

The staff for Time Out Singapore have gone further, publishing an article entitled: “7 times Singapore proved it was exciting in 2018 – and it’s only January”.

Yeah, Time Out London, we’re pretty “unexciting”. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Posted by VisitSingapore on Thursday, February 1, 2018

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Singapore’s official tourism board even responded with a sarcastic video in which it aimed to disprove commonly held conceptions about the wealthy city-state: that nightlife is underwhelming, it lacks art and culture, and that everything is expensive.

Melburnians were polled as being the happiest city-dwellers in Time Out’s survey, driven by the city’s rich food and drink culture.

Some 74 percent of the city agreed that “there’s always something to do or see”.