Indonesian boy claims he laid 20 eggs over two years
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Indonesian boy claims he laid 20 eggs over two years

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy in Indonesia has made recent headlines for his “extraordinary” ability to lay eggs.

On Tuesday, national media told the story of Akmal Rusli, from Kabupaten Gowa, a district in the South Sulawesi province who recently “gave birth” to what appeared to resemble two fully grown poultry eggs at a local hospital, in a rare phenomenon that has spread across the Southeast Asian country.

Several x-ray images taken at the hospital showed two eggs nestled in the boys lower abdomen. “The latest occurrence happened at about 11 am when he laid another egg,” his father, Rusli told DetikHealth.

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The father said Akmal complained about stomach pains earlier in the day and was rushed to the Syech Yusuf Sungguminasa hospital before doctors scanned his body and removed the eggs through his anus.

While it was quite an effort to remove the eggs from the boy’s body, the non-human objects were successfully removed with their shells intact.

This is not the first time the boy has claimed to share the natural ability of a hen. Over the last two years, Akmal has reportedly laid another 18 eggs, baffling medical experts who removed the eggs from his rectum.

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“I cracked the first egg, and its content was all yellow, no white. A month later I cracked another one, and its content was all white and no yellow,” the father said.

Akmal is also not the only person to experience the bizarre occurrence. In Jakarta, a senior man by the name of Kakek Sinin, claimed he could lay eggs, according to Coconuts Jakarta.

However, some medical professionals were having none of their claims. After conducting tests, specialists discovered that the eggs belonged to chickens.

The doctors pointed to a health condition called “corpus alienum”, or the presence of foreign objects in a patient’s body.

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The condition appears to be common in Indonesia, where doctors have moved both organic and non-organic items such as eggs, needles, forks and all sorts of other utensils.

Muhammad Taslim, a spokesman for the hospital, said: “Our suspicion is that the eggs were deliberately shoved [into Akmal’s rectum]. But we did not see it directly.”

He added: “Scientifically [chicken] eggs cannot form inside the human body. It’s impossible, especially in the digestive system.”

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