Filipino model Ruffa Gutierrez cries foul over ‘harassment’ in Malaysian theme park
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Filipino model Ruffa Gutierrez cries foul over ‘harassment’ in Malaysian theme park

RENOWNED Filipino model Ruffa Gutierrez recently claimed her two daughters were harassed by “creepy men” at an amusement park near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during their holiday in the neighbouring country.

On Friday, the former Miss World 1993 runner-up and actress took to social media to cry foul over the incident involving her daughters Lorin and Venice Bektas at Sunway Lagoon, a popular theme park in Malaysia.

“While the kids were on the roller coaster, [my friend] and I went to buy burgers. The kids came back in tears saying that group of old, creepy men were taking photos of them and blowing kisses. Literally harassing them,” the model said in an Instagram stories post.

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The beauty queen said Sunway Lagoon should disallow “creepy men” from entering its compound. Source: Wikimedia Commons

According to Rappler, Guitierrez said the daughters tried to ignore the men who taunted them by continuing to enjoy the theme park but the group came back to jeer at them again.

“We stopped the guys and reprimanded them for whistling and they tried to attack us. We came to Sunway Lagoon Malaysia to have fun with the children and did not realize it’s not safe at all. Shocking,” she said.

On Twitter, the beauty queen said Sunway Lagoon should disallow “creepy men” from entering its compound as such theme parks were safe spaces for children to enjoy.

“You mess with them, you mess with me,” she said in another Tweet posted along with a picture of her and the daughters.

She later said the park’s management contacted her after hearing the news. “The general manager of Sunway Lagoon, Calvin Ho, reached out to me,” she said on Saturday.

“This incident will hopefully be an eye-opener for the theme park. That it will not happen again to other innocent children and tourists in the future,” she said.

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Sunway Lagoon also released a statement, saying it has looked into the matter “seriously” while being closely in touch with Gutierrez.

“Sunway Lagoon is a family-fun theme park and our guests’ safety has always been our utmost priority, hence any unruly behaviour in the park will certainly not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly,” the theme park said in the statement issued to the media.

Gutierrez told the Malay Mail Online that the family asked security from the theme park to escort them to their car following the incident, adding it was the most stressful day of her life.

“I always tell my girls that I trust them but I don’t trust the crazy world around us. Even going to a theme park is not safe anymore,” she said.

Meanwhile, District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Azlin Sadari said the authorities did not receive a report over the incident. “No report was lodged by the victim,” he said, as quoted by the NST.


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