Discover a world of opportunity through the Arts at Mount Royal University
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Discover a world of opportunity through the Arts at Mount Royal University

First established in 1910, Mount Royal University (MRU) has been committed to quality post-secondary education for more than 100 years. Located in Calgary, Canada’s sunniest city, this location offers the perfect blend of city life and Rocky Mountain experiences. Set in one of the globe’s most multicultural regions, MRU’s campus is diverse and worldly creative – perfect for anyone with a passion for the arts.

A Bachelor’s degree from MRU – four-year university-level programs that incorporate courses specific to your chosen subject – are the ultimate foundation for those looking to forge a rewarding career. MRU’s Bachelor of Arts majors expose students to a wide range of concepts and ideas, combining hands-on learning, practical opportunities and internship placements. Upon graduation, students are ready to enter the workforce or continue studies at professional or graduate school.


“The small class sizes and incredible professors at MRU made me feel like I was part of a community of learning,” says Kim Munchrath, a former student of the BA English program. “I will always fondly remember the education and mentorship I received at MRU, as well as the long-standing friendships I made there. I am now employed as a full-time researcher and writer in Toronto, and credit my success to the superior education and experience I acquired at MRU.”

Take a closer look at MRU’s Faculty of Arts majors:

Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice

As the only program of its kind in Alberta, the Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice will prepare you for a career in fields such as social justice, criminology, law, police services and more.

Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology

Delve into the human condition and existence through interpretations of biological, archaeological, linguistic and cultural variation.

Bachelor of Arts – English

The study of English brings awareness of culture and tradition, creation and critique, the self and others. It is a means of understanding our identities as individuals in communities, whether local, global or cultural.

Bachelor of Arts – History

The study of history provides students with a broad base of knowledge in Canadian, European and American history. It also develops an understanding of the methods of historical research and analysis and historical reasoning that distinguish history as a branch of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences.

Bachelor of Arts – Policy Studies

This four-year program has been built to instil a firm foundation in policy theory, political science and economics, as well as a semester of work experience.


Bachelor of Arts – Psychology

A major in Psychology is designed to provide students with a broad base of knowledge in the key areas of the discipline in six core areas. It will also provide an understanding of research processes, the scientific method and statistical analysis through specific courses in these areas as well as in senior courses that cover this material as it relates to specific topics.

Bachelor of Arts – Sociology

Designed to enhance your sociological thinking, this major urges you to think critically about the ways in which society is created, maintained and changed.

Bachelor of Interior Design

Students master the entire design process from project inception to creation. You will blend with studio-based projects, working individually and as part of a team, to refine your understanding of building systems and design tools.

“An arts degree provides fundamental knowledge and skills,” the Faculty explains. “You will become an innovative, flexible and nuanced thinker; an expert at research, analysis, writing and communications; and a more engaged citizen committed to building stronger communities.”


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