Chinese police now using sunglasses with facial recognition
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Chinese police now using sunglasses with facial recognition

POLICE in China are using sunglasses equipped with facial recognition technology to monitor a busy train station this Chinese New Year.

Officers at Zhengzhou railway station in the country’s central Henan province are wearing the glasses as they stand at entrances to monitor for criminals, as an estimated 60,000 passengers pass through each day during the busy period.

“The facial information captured by the glasses will be sent back to a database for comparison with the information of suspects on the wanted list,” Zhang Xiaolei of the Henan Department of Public Security told Communist Party newspaper the Global Times.

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According to The Telegraph, officers can “almost instantly” see somebody’s name, ethnicity, gender, address and even recent internet history.

Zhang said that the new technology needs just one facial image to find the person’s profile in a database, whereas previous technologies meant several photos from different angles were required.

“With just one look, officers are able to identify a person. The technology is being used to hunt down fugitives and spot fake IDs,” reported the People’s Daily, another state run newspaper.

“As of February 5, the face scanning glasses have helped identity seven people suspected of human trafficking and hit-and-run accidents, as well as another 26 people using fake IDs,” it said.

Chinese police in other provinces have also used voice recognition and analysis technology to combat drug trafficking, telecoms fraud and kidnappings.