Chinese commuter climbs through X-ray machine
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Chinese commuter climbs through X-ray machine

WE ARE constantly reminded not to leave bags and belongings unattended in public spaces.

This could be at the airport, bus station, train platform or just on the street. It’s a precautionary measure to deter thieves and to ensure your unattended laptop bag doesn’t cause a national security threat.

But one woman in China went to extreme lengths to keep her valuables safe and secure when she climbed into a metro station X-ray machine alongside her bag.

The female passenger was entering Dongguan Railway Station in China’s southern Guangdong Province on Sunday, according to Chinese media.

The women reportedly put two pieces of bigger luggage through the scanning machine and walked through the body scanner, a member of station staff then told her she needed to put her handbag through too.

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With this new information, the commuter decided to hop on the conveyor belt also, as to not be separated from the contents of her bag. An image taken from the X-ray machine monitor show the woman kneeling on all fours while keeping a beady eye on her belongings.

Security camera footage then shows her slipping off the conveyor belt, collecting the rest of her bags and simply strolling away. Station staff and bystanders didn’t seem fussed about the bizarre event. It is also unknown what was of such value inside the passenger’s bag.

Perhaps it had been a lifelong dream to ride inside an X-ray machine and she seized the opportunity.

However, authorities strongly advise against traveling through X-ray machines unnecessarily as the radiation can be harmful to humans.

This article originally appeared on our sister website Travel Wire Asia.

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