Chinese astrologers say Year of the Dog won’t be good for Trump
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Chinese astrologers say Year of the Dog won’t be good for Trump

US President Donald Trump might be in for a rough year, if Chinese astrologers are to be believed.

Famously one of the only presidents not to own a dog (or any pet), Trump was nevertheless born in June 1946 – the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Dog.

Singapore-based Chinese astrologer Clarice Chan says that Trump is a Fire Dog – characterised by being “very ambitious, driven and energetic.”

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“They can be good leaders but they can also be very judgemental, stubborn and resistant to change,” she told Hong Kong newspaper the South China Morning Post.

With Trump embodying the characteristics of a Fire Dog, 2018 will be even tougher, she says: “he already has his own opinions and unconventional way of thinking. Ultimately, his character will make it very difficult for him.”

Labao Wang, director of the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture at Western Sydney University says that people are generally less lucky when in the same Zodiac year as their birth.

“Say, I was born in the Year of the Dog. And we’re going to in the Year of the Dog again. The superstition says I might not be very lucky in the coming year,” he told Business Insider.

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With Year of the Dog dominated by earth and fire, Chinese astrologer Louis Wong thinks that Trump will encounter numerous conflicts during 2018. “For the coming year, Donald Trump will still be at the centre of arguments within the White House, and between different countries,” he told SCMP.

“His colleagues in the White House will resign very frequently. The harmony in his office will not be good … but I think he will still stay in his position for at least two to three years, no problem,” added Wong.

Moreover, there will be a “great deal” of political instability in South and East Asia after October. “Now, there is harmony between North and South Korea because of the Olympic Games, but in the third quarter of this year there might be some other political crises,” said Wong.