Wallaby ‘arrested’ hopping over Sydney Harbour Bridge
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Wallaby ‘arrested’ hopping over Sydney Harbour Bridge

SYDNEY police had a surprise early on Tuesday morning when they received reports of a “kangaroo” hopping across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Officers arrived at the bridge at 5am to find a startled swamp wallaby hopping across the city’s iconic landmark, and struggled to catch it before taking it into “police custody”.

“Traffic controllers from the Transport Management Centre monitored the wallaby as it hopped across to lane one and, without indicating, exited onto Cahill Expressway then to Macquarie Street,” said an official statement from New South Wales Police.

The animal was taken to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo for veterinary assessment, with Senior Veterinarian Larry Vogelnest reporting that it was in a “stable condition” without any serious injuries.

“As with all wildlife brought into our care, our hope is that the wallaby will be able to be released back into the wild. An assessment will be made on the best location for this release in due course,” he said in a statement from the zoo.

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It is very unusual to find marsupials like wallabies close to Sydney’s central business district.


Source: Taronga Zoo

“Sydney’s got the best harbour in the world, so I’d imagine he was taking in the view,” said police inspector Kylie Smith. “We actually do have wallabies or kangaroos that jump down the main street of Sydney.”

Police said that the wallaby had likely come from a suburban golf course several kilometres from the bridge.

One driver who saw the wayward wallaby told Sydney radio station 2GB that “I’m from the bush, so I’m used to see them running around all over the place but I’ve never seen one so close to the city before.”

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