Thai PM dodges reporters’ questions with cardboard cutout of himself
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Thai PM dodges reporters’ questions with cardboard cutout of himself

THAI Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha on Monday showed a novel way to avoid questions from reporters by redirecting them to a cardboard cut out of himself.

During a press conference, an aide placed the life-sized cutout next to the leader, drawing amusement from the Government House reporters, the Bangkok Post reported (via the Associated Press).

Prayuth held a brief encounter with the media after attending an event promoting the upcoming Children’s Day celebrations. Instead of taking on pressing questions on politics, he used the dodging tactic before turning on his heel and walking off.


Prayuth points at a cardboard cut out of himself before walking away from a press conference. Source: Youtube

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“If you want to ask any questions on politics or conflict, ask this guy,” he said, pointing at the cutout.

Prayuth’s antics on Monday was not the first that left the media dumbfounded. Previously, the leader had flung a banana peel at cameramen, fondled the ear of a sound technician for several minutes, and threatened to execute journalists critical of his government.

In September, the leader of the kingdom’s military junta bragged he can “do whatever” without being held accountable, unlike the country’s previous democratically elected leaders.

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When asked whether he should be held responsible for the billions of Thai baht it cost the state to settle a dispute with an Australian mining company over his decision to end gold mining across Thailand in May 2016, Prayuth said he was unaccountable because he held absolute power.

“Talking in terms of using the Article 44 in this country, I don’t have to be held accountable at all. I can do whatever,” he said as quoted by Khaosod English.

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