Singapore ‘dog circus’ cancelled after public backlash
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Singapore ‘dog circus’ cancelled after public backlash

A SO-CALLED “dog circus” has been cancelled in Singapore just a day after tickets were announced after thousands signed a petition against it for being cruel.

The event named Chinese New Year Dog Circus was slated for February but was promptly canned by ticket provider SISTIC and event organiser HE Productions after an online petition started by Summer Ong collected some 7,236 signatures in just one day, reported the Straits Times.

The event was originally billed by organisers as “the first and only Dog Circus from China” which would provide “Amazing Awesome Acrobatic Fun for everyone in the Year of Dog!”

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“Lots of laughter and amazing performances by the cute lovely poodles with many attractive and unique performers to bring to you a brand new circus experience that includes breathtaking Kungfu diabolo, ring stunts, fun acrobatics, giant balloon acts, bubble show and funny clowns acts, leaving your eyes wide opened with a ‘WOW’.”

“Chinese New Year Dog Circus 2018. Edge-of-your-seat thrills in entertainment that abounds with stunning actions, great energies, wonderful excitement and everlasting happiness!”

Ong called it a “severely archaic, cruel and unethical practice” and said it was “outrageously appalling and extremely disappointing” that the zoo was coming to Singapore.

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After widespread outrage on social media, however, SISTIC later posted on Facebook page:

“Hi everyone, thank you for your messages and comments. Please be assured that we take your concerns very seriously. As such, we would like to update that the Chinese New Year Dog Circus 2018 show has been cancelled as of 9th December 2017.”

“SISTIC has stopped ticket sales for the event and we have already removed the event page link from our website. We will continue to provide updates as soon as they are available. Thank you.”

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